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Principal Psychologist of Monsen + Associates a practice of Educational and Child Psychologists working mainly in the South East of England.  The practice is aimed at those (parents, carers, school staff, other practitioners, legal colleagues and so on) seeking advice and assistance covering the full range of work undertaken by Educational and Child Psychologists.

  • Cognitive, Learning, Behavioural, Social-emotional assessment and intervention, including work with autistic spectrum difficulties, social communication, severe and complex learning/behaviour needs.

  • Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia/Dyspraxia) in children, young people and adults.

  • Parent/caregiver and/or school staff assessment, training and intervention (i.e. behaviour / classroom management, dealing with challenging behaviour / stressful encounters, communication skills, developing, implementing and monitoring a range of interventions).

  • Individual, group and family counselling (using a range of strategies largely derived from cognitive-behavioural approaches, e.g., anger, stress, anxiety, panic-attack, depression, pain management, obsessive-compulsive difficulties).

  • Legal and court work, including Special Educational Needs Tribunals, parenting assessments.

  • Applied Research (both qualitative and quantitative).

Monsen Associates is aimed at adults, including parents, carers, school staff, other practitioners and legal colleagues seeking advice and assistance covering the full range of work undertaken by Educational and Child Psychologists. The practice has particular interest, experience and expertise in the following areas:

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Dr. Jeremy J. Monsen

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Dr. Jeremy Monsen is still offering telephone and web based (Skype etc) sessions for Parents/Carers; Special Needs Co-ordinators; other professionals, children/young people who require ideas strategies to deal with - managing pupil/adult stress and anxiety; how to talk to children about the current situation; how to structure a child's/young person's day; how to carry on with a daily learning plan; dealing with loss and grief etc including delayed or cancelled GCSE's/A Levels and anything else of relevant to an educational and child psychologist.

To arrange a telephone or web based consultation please call 07850556886 and/or email

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