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*Please ensure that you clarify any stipulations with your company as soon as possible.

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Educational & Child Psychology

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Dr. Jeremy Monsen/Monsen + Associates is registered with a number of Healthcare Insurance Companies (e.g., including BUPPA, AXA-PPP and so on) you will be able to reclaim the fees from your company (within the limits of your specific policy).  


Some private healthcare insurance companies require a referral from a GP/Psychiatrist or from the company itself before they will process your claim to cover the fees.

The duration and location (e.g., Office base, school or other) of session(s) depends on the specific commission negotiated with the client.  


If the session involves a Full EP Assessment to clarify any learning/behaviour and/or social emotional needs.  To do this the psychologist will start with a 30 to 40 minute interview with parents/carers (and if at school with teaching staff as well) to look at background, early development and the current issues and so on, then they will observe, interview and assess the child/young person for about 1 ½ to 2 hours.


The psychologist will then prepare a detailed report focusing on what in their opinion the child’s/young person’s needs are, how significant these are, and most importantly what can be practically done at home and school to address these, obviously if supported by the outcomes of their investigations.


The practice aims to get a ‘working draft report’ to the client by email within 10 to 15 working days.  Once the client and the psychologist have agreed the report, a final edit for surface features, lay-out and any content changes which have been jointly agreed will be undertaken by the psychologist and a final copy sent out.  In some cases the psychologist will also attend the follow up Case Conference to look at the report and plan any intervention.


The Professional Fee charged depends on the nature of the brief negotiated and will be discussed and agreed with clients at first contact.


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