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Educational & Child Psychology

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It is important that you know that your psychologist from Monsen + Associates works ethically and as a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS), the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), Dr. Jeremy Monsen and his team am closely bound by, and accountable to their codes of ethics and practice.  

Copies of these codes can be obtained from these bodies.

Clients are often concerned about coming to see a psychologist as they can raise and discuss some very intimate, private and sensitive matters.  So it is important that the content of sessions remains strictly confidential, except in the following circumstances.


  • Psychologists undertake regular supervision and your case may be discussed in an anonymous way.  This means we regularly review work with a colleague so that we can be sure that attempts to help you are well thought through.  We do this without naming you or describing where you work, live etc.  I /We are happy to discuss these supervision arrangements with you.

  • Where a client has agreed information being shared either within a report (which they have seen a ‘Draft’ version) or orally to a third party (e.g., at a Case Conference etc).  

  • Where a client shares information that leads us to believe that someone was at risk of serious harm (themselves or someone else).

  • Situations where required by law.

  • If you are funding your therapy through an insurance company or an occupational scheme you need to check whether they will require reports from us or not. In these circumstances, the implications for confidentiality will be discussed before work is agreed.

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